Auction Listing Fees


Individual - Pay as you sell - No monthly fee but a charge of £0.50 per listing sold or unsold


Business - £20 per month -No listing fee - website only - 15 listings or less per month


Business Plus - £30 per month - no listing fee - website and app - unlimited listings per month


Set a reserve price - £0.30 per item


Set a Buy It Now price - £0.25 per item


A line of additional text - £1.00 per item

This would suit an individual selling less than 5 items a month

If you have just decided to start a business selling in the auction this is for you

This is for a more established business, wanting more space to sell unlimited items

Setting a reserve price protects your item and insures it will not be sold for less than the price you want

If you have a Buy It Now price you can skip the monthly auction and sell your item straight away for the price you want

By adding more text to your item gives your customers a more detailed description, which could result in more sales

If you feel you would like to sell more we can generate a custom plan for you

If you are finding that you are selling more per month you can upgrade at any time

You can add an effect on your image of your item, enlarge it when it is hovered over

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