To sell on lollipopstore the first thing you have to find out is how many items you would like to sell over the course of a month.

Once you know how much you want to sell, the next thing is to sign up to our selling programme, choose the right programme for you, either the Standard or the Business programme.

The Standard programme is for people who would like to sell under 5 items a month, there is a monthly charge of £5.00 per month plus an additional 0.50 pence for every item sold.

The Business programme is for people who would like to sell unlimited items a month, there is a monthly charge of £10.00 plus and additional 0.50 pence for every item sold.

Just upload your pics and text (max 20 words) to our e mail address ( and we will get your products online within 24 hours.

As a special offer, we are running, please take advantage of the business programme for 0 per month until 2021, cancel anytime.

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